Children are the world


Aspire Hope, inc is a nonprofit organization. The purpose of Aspire Hope, inc is to provide or broker the resources and services necessary to help a child achieve their stated permanency plan in an alternative family care setting in San Bernardino County.  Generally foster care should be viewed as a short-term service designed to meet the immediate, urgent or emergent need a child has for physical and emotional safety.  Services are designed to meet the child’s and the family’s needs which necessitated placement. 


Quality licensed foster homes are critical to ensuring safe and appropriate homes for foster children.  Those interested in becoming foster parents come to the Agency in a variety of ways. Some typical ways are: from referrals by other foster parents, community based organizations, such as churches, and through written and oral advertisements and presentations.


Treatment starts with an assessment of the child’s needs and an appropriate placement. An interview with the requesting placement worker is conducted in order for Aspire Hope, inc to gather all needed information regarding the possible placement of the foster child. Services such as social skills, social work assessment and behavior management are provided weekly in the foster home, community or school.

The goal of Aspire Hop, inc is to stabilize the child’s placement, provide for basic, special and individualized needs. The goal also is to prepare all parties to collaborate together towards family reunification.  Aspire Hope, inc is here to help foster children and their families become more self-sufficient and grow positively together.