1. How long does the approval process take?

   -Depending how fast the application and needed documentation is returned to our office and your availability to complete the required trainings. The certification process can be as fast as 6 weeks. 


2. How many children can you have in each bedroom?

   -To be an approved resource family you can have 2 beds (children) per room. An infant from 0-2 can be in a crib in the foster parent(s) bedroom. The number of children you can be approved for will be assessed by a social worker.


3. Do I have to be married to be a foster parent?

   - Absolutely not! You can be single, divorced, widowed, in a partnership, married. You can own a home or rent. We just need nurturing, supportive families for these children.


4. Will I get to choose the age and/or sex of the child placed in my home?

    -As part of the application and home study you will identify the age and sex of child or children that would be most appropriate for your home.


5. Does it cost anything to become a foster parent?

  -There are minimal out-of-pocket costs associated with completion of  the CPR/First Aid training. In addition, there may be out-of-pocket expenses related to ensuring your home meets the home safety checklist such as small items like outlet covers.